Grumpy old mugs or Cantankerous tankards:

I imagine some people may find these tankards offensive. I would agree that they are maybe a bit irreverent, but while I might use scatological humour, they are making serious points and are not designed to be gratuitous. I have appropriated and parodied Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic Last Supper to lampoon some of our current social mores. I imagine Christ returning to the 21st century in the “2nd coming” to find the world greatly changed; his disciples have evolved to positions of power and have now taken on and reflect the undesirable opinions of our age. Christ’s comments are the voice of reason (of the world) while the disciples are quarrelsome, garrulous, bigoted, and frequently in denial. Frivolity, rudeness, sarcasm and humour are used as a mechanism to pillory the high and mighty and to satirize various social mores. The tankards are huge as a metaphor for overindulgence, and the “Last Supper” title is often used in its apocalyptical sense (global warming and pollution)

The mugs act as symbols for my “grumpiness” with relation to sexual inequality; paternalistic societies; climate change deniers; overindulgence; undesirable effects of social media; sins of the church; radicalism. The table in the “Last Supper” acts as a vehicle for “under the table” subversive transactions such as distributing illicit food in “Obesity”. The Judas character is sometimes used for the obscene obnoxious opinion that President Trump is so adept. The cartoon format allows the depiction of those speaking through a hole in their backside

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