Narrative Ceramics

The politics of inequality have come to permeate my work. I enjoy taking the Mickey out of the over-privileged and over paid: particularly bankers who in my opinion largely live under the misapprehension that they are uniquely talented, and not just greedy bastards. Trump is unashamedly one of my favourite targets, and in one way I am disappointed he LOST the last election. However he shows signs of sticking around, and I don’t think we have yet seen the last of him.

 If you are not easily offended, and have a sense of humour, you may appreciate further thoughts on my musings link.

I have used the Bayeaux tapestry as a logo, as it is the ultimate narrative figurative work of art, and references horses (which are my thing,) as inveterate farters, lends a form of verisimilitude to my narrative, particularly when portraying characters with over inflated egos.

Feel the heat and enter my fire